Holidays Afloat

For people with special needs a holiday can sometimes be complex, Seagull Trust Cruises can provide a wonderful opportunity to get that extra relaxation that a holiday can afford with the specially built Marion Seagull based at the Falkirk branch.

In July 2003 Seagull Trust Cruise launched the Marion Seagull, a residential canal boat which allows a family with a disabled member the opportunity to cruise the Lowland Canals at their own speed over a period of a few days to one week.

Unlike traditional canal narrow boats, the Marion Seagull is three metres wide this gives a wide, spacious and roomy feel to the accommodation and the large picture windows make it bright and airy. Accommodation on board sleeps a maximum of six people, (plus a skippers bunk) with two toilets, a shower, kitchen area with cooker, fridge, microwave and sink, a lounge/eating area and an open deck area in the bow. There is a lift in the bow to allow wheelchairs on and off the boat and another in the stern to lift a wheelchair up to the steering position. There is a mobile phone, a television and video fitted in the lounge. The accommodation is centrally heated and there is a steady supply of hot water.

The length of a Holiday Cruise is entirely based on the users choice and this can vary between one and fourteen days. The cruise will start from The Falkirk Wheel and most groups choose to ascend the Wheel and go Eastwards towards Edinburgh although it is possible to descend onto the Forth & Clyde Canal and head westwards towards Kirkintilloch and Glasgow.

Skippering the boat does require some experience, but we can provide a skipper if required.