Our Services

Cruising takes place on a daily basis, including weekends, during the months of April to October and the duration of the cruise is in accordance with local conditions and the wishes of the user group.

Volunteers crew the purpose built canal boats and all that is asked of our guests is that: they organise their own transport to the canal, provide their own carers, medical requirements, any special equipment or food they may require, (we provide the tea and coffee), and that they enjoy the experience of calm tranquillity cruising the Scottish Canals

In July 2003, a residential canal boat, the Marion Seagull came, into service, allowing a family with a disabled member to cruise the Lowland Canals at their own speed over a period of a few days to to over a week. This boat is managed by the Falkirk Branch.

Christmas Cruises – each year depending on the weather, Ratho, Falkirk and Kirkintilloch organise special Christmas Cruises providing children with a very different and magical Christmas experience.