Our Vision

Seagull Trust Cruises has grown steadily over the years and now provides cruises at various locations throughout Scotland. However, the Trust continues to plan to build for the future so that more people can enjoy the freedom and relaxation of a Seagull Trust cruise.

In 2009 a five year plan was set down by the trustees who determined that there were various aspects which could be improved or increased to be able to provide an even better service for its users. The aims of the plan are to create more operational boats so the service can be extended to a wider range of people, the refurbishment or replacement of boats such as the Inverness boat to provide a better standard for Trust users.

Out with the service directly provided by the cruises, the Trust also hopes to support projects in connection with Scotland’s waterways including educational and environmental opportunities. However, these things are impossible without the continuing support of donors and volunteers so if you can help either financially or with your time, please do contact the Trust.