A growing number of businesses both locally and nationally are helping us with our work as part of their Good Citizen programmes. We welcome this type of support and are very happy to help them with their PR and appreciate their support. Whether a donation is made for ‘general purposes’, or aimed at a specific development project, corporate support is always appreciated!

Our current key development projects are:-

To Cover the Ratho Dry Dock.
The Ratho Dry Dock was not covered and as the major maintenance work on our boats is carried out in the winter months, it is a cold place to work in, as well as being mucky. A cover for the dry dock provides protection from the worst of the weather for our Volunteers and for the boats being worked on. If for example, the boats are being painted and it rains before the paint is dry, a cover avoids a rub down and a repaint. The estimated cost of providing a cover was about £49,000 and with funding in place the major works were completed in January 2018.

To Build a Third Boat for Kirkintilloch.
At Kirkintilloch there is a demand for our services which is not being met with two boats. Afternoon cruises for the whole of the cruising season, April to October inclusive, are usually fully booked before the season starts. The cost of providing a new boat is estimated to be about £160,000 and funds raised so far amount to £50,000. 

To Extend the Falkirk Boathouse.
The Falkirk Boathouse was built in 1992 when there was only one boat based a Falkirk. Today there are four boats based at Falkirk which includes a Holiday boat, the Marion Seagull, which is too long to fit in the existing boathouse. The extension will provide protection from the weather for our Volunteers and for the boats being worked on. It will also include a Dry Docking facility. Plans for this have been drawn up and the Falkirk Council has given Planning Permission. The estimated cost of the extension is £850,000 of which £80,000 has been raised so far.