Seagull Trust Cruises, Coronavirus 

You will be aware of the current situation, in and around Scotland, regarding the ongoing risk from the Coronavirus pandemic and all the various restrictions that have been put in place as part of the Scottish Government strategic framework.

Like other countries, we faced a first wave, and locked down hard to get the virus under control – recognising the risks that would bring, but also the need to take firm action. Thankfully after the first phase we were able to carry out routine maintenance to our fleet and keep the boats in a high level of repair. We are now enduring the second phase and the various new restriction Tiers and Levels 1 to 4, which has locked down STC again until, a point to be determined in, 2021.

In light of the above, the ALL Seagull Trust Cruises branch activities, (including SEL activities) remain suspended until further notice. STC will continue to monitor the situation and resume operations, only when it is safe for all, to do so.

The Department of Health and Social Care continues to publish updated data every day at 2pm until further notice.

The NHS Inform link also has the latest advice :

Further updates will be issued in due course, please take care and stay safe.