Volunteer with us


Fed up with the daily grind and looking to for something that is different to pass your time and in good company?

How about taking a relaxing trip through some of our most beautiful countryside with wildlife from fish, ducks, swans, herons to, if you are really lucky, otters.

Seagull Trust Cruises is wholly run by volunteers so  come on down, we would love to have you aboard.

There really is something for everyone.

From April to October, we need your help to make our guests’ day special – from preparation of the boats for the trip to helming and crewing the boats; from operating wheelchair friendly lifts to making teas and coffees during the cruises.

In the close season, if you like getting your hands dirty scraping old paint and fiddling with oily bits, then you will enjoy the maintenance days and the banter that goes with it.

We will even train you in the art of small boat handling in a canal – throwing ropes, tying up, steering, and we offer training as RYA Inland Waterways Crew and /or Helmsman

What’s not to like?



    Volunteering with Seagull Trust Cruises


    I like volunteering with Seagull Trust Cruises because, firstly and most importantly, it’s lovely to see passengers enjoying the trips and it’s nice getting to know some of our repeat visitors.
    It’s great to get positive feedback from so many of the carers and it’s also a good way of making new friends.
    A feeling of accomplishment being able to drive the barges.

    Volunteering with Seagull Trust Cruises


    I worked with ships all my working life.
    There are no rough seas.
    It beats working in a charity shop.
    I like boats.
    I can put a bit back into society


    Volunteering with Seagull Trust Cruises


    A day is a long time if you have nothing to do.

    Volunteers Cruise Falkirk


    Like one or two others I spent 45 years at sea so have got quite used to boats.
    I needed something to do when I retired and knew someone in the Highland Branch which was how I got involved.

    Volunteering with Seagull Trust Cruises


    I joined a few years ago and have been made very welcome and have come to feel part of a team.
    There is nothing so relaxing as cruising slowly along the canals through the different seasons and watching out for wildlife.


    Cygnets on the Forth & Clyde Canal