The Ratho Swans


It’s that time of year again when it is absolutely delightful to see nature taking its course.   This year is no exception and our resident swans have been nest building close by to the Ratho Boathouse getting ready for the arrival of their 2023 bevy.

Up until recently it had not been possible to determine how many chicks were expected.   We had witnessed mum rearranging her eggs as we were passing on Seagull Crusader, and it appeared that there were 8 youngsters on their way.   Would that make them a “gaggle of Swans”?

However, all was revealed this week when the new family were out on the water exploring their new surroundings ~ and what a joy it was to see, even although it appears only five chicks have survived their first early days on the canal.

And where was dad at this time ?   Well, he wasn’t too far away keeping as much of a watchful eye on us, as we were on his lifelong partner and their new brood.

It was super last year to watch the family grow and mature, so we’ll keep you up to date this year as the chicks progress.   Please do send us any cute photo’s you may capture of our swan family during the season.